Alvarez AP70E Review of 2018 – The Ultimate Guide

Alvarez AP70E Review: Alvarez AP70E is one of the best-selling models of Alvarez. Alvarez is for people who are looking for a small sized guitar that will be at home. Regarding design and tone AP70E model is well balanced. It has a superficially attractive and entertaining visual image without any compromise in the tone department.

This Alvarez AP70E Electro Acoustic guitar is a big dynamic guitar with a big voice that can be used for a style playing. It is based on traditional parlor guitar design, but regarding sound, it offers a modern sound with better projection.

Alvarez AP70E Electro Acoustic guitar

Alvarez AP70E Electro Acoustic guitar

AP70E model of Alvarez series is one of the best guitars in terms of design and tones.  Its visual image is also very attractive as well entertaining without any sacrifice in the tone department.

Alvarez AP70E Review – Design

First of all, Alvarez AP70E model guitar is made of hand-selected ‘A’ grade Sitka and Cedar tops which backs and sides are of rosewood. In addition, it got a high gloss finish that brings out the beauty and grains in the rosewood.

Like another artist model, Alvarez AP70E also have advanced scalloped bracing and premium all natural components. Its sound quality is also incredible just like other models where the rosewood gives somehow more prominence to the highs and lows.

Alvarez AP70E Electro Acoustic guitar

Alvarez AP70E model guitar is one of the most popular guitars among the whole Alvarez line. For its size its energy and response level is fantastic. Also, it is very comfortable to play. AP70E gets center-scalloped bracing which lets the top react to the finest of touches. All these designs pattern of this small bodies guitar allow the user to play it differently unlike the larger ones.

Alvarez AP70E Review – Features

  • Compact and comfortable Parlour-sized guitar
  • Hand selected, ‘A’ grade, solid Sitka spruce top
  • B Band Pickup system for superb plugged-in sound
  • Rosewood back and sides
  • AP70E of Alvarez bi-level rosewood bridge with Real bone nut and saddle

Alvarez AP70E Review – Performance

Alvarez AP70E is a beautiful guitar as it is simple regarding style. The clean looking fingerboard with just the single inlay at the 12th fret is just incredible.  This is one of the best and comfortable parlor for small-sized players.

Also, the electronic is very good with the best control of the output. The sound of the guitar is acoustically excellent. Hence it does not need much sculpting. Its anti-controls feedback between the phase switch and notch filter are very extensive.

Alvarez AP70E Electro Acoustic guitar
AP70E’s design pattern did not get a wider neck to accommodate fingerpicking. Therefore, it’s very comfortable to play with either with or without a pick. The twanginess of the guitar comes while playing with a pick.

While fingerpicking has a more rounded sound. Because of plenty of dynamics Alvarez AP70E guitar got a focused and balanced sound quality. The AP70E guitar has a sweet parlor music where each string has their definition.


  • It got a clean and beautiful look
  • Very good electronic with much anti-feedback control
  • Alvarez AP70E has a lovely and balanced sound


  • Alvarez AP70E does not include a case


In a single word, if we describe Alvarez AP70E then it can be termed as a focused one. Because its sound and design both are focused. Furthermore, Alvarez AP70E can give a big smile to the player who is looking for a parlor.

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