Top 7 Best Bass Earbuds in 2018

Best Bass Earbuds: Yes now in this article we are presenting the best bass earbuds of the year 2018. These earbuds produce the highest and as well as the most profound bass with an excellent sound quality. They are capable of producing the stunning amount of bass with the enhanced drivers who turn on into the good listening experience.

Coming to the bass of these earbuds is the most stunning one which you had never heard before. This best bass earbud rocks your world with the fantastic and pleasant music. And as well as these are the true audiophile bass headphones which offer you the enjoyable music. These are the best bass headphones with 45% discount with reasonable offers.

Product Title Brand Color
1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones 1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones (Earphones/Earbuds) with Apple iOS and Android Compatible Microphone and Remote (Titanium) 1MORE Silver
Sennheiser IE80 Headphone Sennheiser IE80 Headphone Sennheiser Black/Silver
Westone 78505 W50 Westone - Old Model - W50 Five Driver Universal Fit Noise Isolating Earphones - Discontinued by Manufacturer Westone Black with metallic bronze, or red, or silver faceplate
V-MODA Zn In-Ear Modern Audiophile V-MODA Zn In-Ear Modern Audiophile Headphones with microphone - 3 Button V-MODA Nero
RHA T20 High Fidelity Noise Isolating In-ear Headphone RHA T20 High Fidelity Noise Isolating In-ear Headphone only Dual Coil In-Ear Headphone RHA Black
Sennheiser IE 800 Audiophile Ear Canal Headphones Sennheiser IE 800 Audiophile Ear Canal Headphones Sennheiser Black

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Top 7 Best Bass Earbuds in 2018

#7 1MORE Triple Driver Best Bass Earbuds

Best Bass Earbuds

The 1MORE Triple Driver is considered as the best bass earbuds in 2018. And these are the hardest hitting ones and as well as the appealing earbuds which we have come across. This earbud feature has the three drivers with two balanced armatures and as well as a separate dynamic driver. The drivers combined to deliver the accurate and pleasant listening experience as well. They have the comfortable ergonomic design with obliquely angled ear fitting which matches the ear canals.

And it has the nine sets of the ear tip sizes to ensure the proper fit which is essential to have the best bass response of these earbuds. It comes with the convenient inline remote control which is compatible with iPhone and the Android devices. We can also control the volume and as well as we can also select the songs as well. And finally, 1MORE Triple Driver which is the best bass earbuds available on the internet today.

#6 Sennheiser IE80 Best Bass Earbuds

Best Bass Earbuds

Sennheiser IE80 is the high ended and the best bass earbuds which are available in the sound industry. And these earbuds are available with 45% discount of the total price. As well as it has the excellent sound quality with excellent and precise soundstage with more music genres.

Each earpiece has its right level adjusted with a small screwdriver. And as well as it has the dynamic spacker systems with the powerful neodymium magnets for producing the incredible accuracy. And as well as the Sennheiser IE80 can attenuate the noise upto 20dB, and it comes with the ergonomic design with extreme durable housing.

Are you looking for the best bass earbuds with a true audiophile delight? Coming to the audio quality, the IE80 is impressive, and as well as these earbuds have the large soundstage which feels like the huge place inside the ears. This bass is pretty tight, and the mids are excellent.

# 5 Westone 78505 W50

Best Bass Earbuds

The Westone 78505 W50 is an audiophile bass head delight with good sense. And it is slightly expensive with a wide range of the best bass earbuds which are simply the best audiophile range, especially for the bass heads. This W50 produces the great sound with the foam earpieces with the deep bass response with good clarity.

It has the five driver system with an unrivaled sound signature with metallic red, gold and as well as the gunmetal faceplates and as well as the robust replaceable cable.It Works with three apple control system with microphone and Westone true fit technology which makes the earbuds comfortable.

Coming to the audio performance, the W50 has a smooth, and as well as the lush sound which is similar to W60. The low-end emphasis makes the sound gear more towards the V-shaped signature. Therefore Westone 78505 W50 is having the good level of width and depth due to the thick sound layering and separation.

#4 Shure SE846-CL

Best Bass Earbuds

Shure SE846-CL is the sound isolating earbuds which is one of the costliest and the high-end bass earbuds. And as well as these earbuds quad hi-definition with micro-drivers for extending the high-end clarity and unparalleled low-end performance with adjustable sound signatures.

And it comes with the low end patented earphone design with a groundbreaking low pass filter providing the incredible low-end performance of the true subwoofer without sacrificing clarity in detail. Due to the dedicated built-in amplifier, it pushes the four drivers with iPod, iPhone and anything with superb sound quality.

The audio experience of the SE846-CL is magical, and the soundstage and as well as the layering of this ear monitors is unbelievable. And they are incredibly balanced with crystal clear treble the bass is deep and enjoy the pleasant music.

 #3 V-MODA Zn Audiophile

Best Bass Earbuds

The V-MODA Zn audiophile is the best bass earbuds which are available at the reasonable prices with near audiophile specifications with stellar audio performance. And it is newly developed with outstanding dynamic 8mm driver boosts the tonal accuracy with low distortion.

Complementing the hearing limit variance is hand-tuned. The patented active flex sports ear hook provides the added security with built-in three buttons remote mic which allows answering the phone calls on your mobile device. And as well as it has the dynamic black cable which is 20x stronger than the industry standard which provides the added durability on the earbuds.

The Zn has the strong bass with neutral and treble with plenty of energy. The many earphones/IEMs has the roll off with lower bass with upper emphasis. But the Zn has the witnessed by tracks like Markus Schulz’s main stage.

#2  RHA T20 Dual Coil

Best Bass Earbuds

RHA T20 Dual Coil earbuds are one of the best bass earbuds in 2018 regarding design, portability and as well as the audio performance. And it has the new dual coil technology with two separate coils on each of the earphones focus on the low and mid-low while the other focuses on the highs and mid-highs.

It has the innovative design with RHA T20 produces the high level of sound quality regarding the detail and accurate music reproduction. Apart from the stunning design, these headphones are small and light which disappears when you insert them into the ears. Probably these are more comfortable in-ear monitors and the best bass earbuds.

Coming to the frequency response of the earbuds it is really something which is quite remarkable with good sound out of the single driver earphone. And as well as the bass on the earbuds which is rich and full sounding. As well as It is for sure that it is stronger, harder and tighter with good sound quality on the earbuds.

#1 Sennheiser IE 800 Audiophile

Best Bass Earbuds

The Sennheiser IE 800 Audiophile is the worlds best bass earbuds which are very important for the people who are demanding for the excellent sound quality. It is one of the finest in-ear monitors, and as well as it has the best reviews with well reasonable prices with good outstanding sonic resolution and superior noise isolation.

These are natural and as well as musically three dimensional. Now they have become the IEM standard for any music indication including the noisy airplane travel. Also, it features the dynamic linear-phase 7mm transducer with a wide frequency response.

Sennheiser IE 800 is the ceramic housing features with attenuated with dual-chamber absorber to deliver low harmonic distortion. It has a 16-ohm impedance which compliments the portable audio devices including the iPhone.


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