7 Best Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones in 2018 (IPX rated)

Top 7 Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones

Best Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones: Firstly we should thank the wireless and water-resistant technologies because people now using this kind of headphones underwater and it is the best waterproof Bluetooth headphones. And it is quite challenging to decide which one is easy to buy and we can choose the best Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones which you have ever come across.

We have come to know that the headphones in this category rank at the best place from the customer’s point of view. If you love music and you would like to listen to the favorite music even when you are in the water then use these headphones. Using these earphones there is no need for missing the calls while you are swimming. Below is the list of the Best Waterproof Bluetooth headphones in 2018.

Product Title Brand Color
SENSO Bluetooth Headphones SENSO Bluetooth Headphones, Best Wireless Sports Earphones w/ Mic IPX7 Waterproof HD Stereo Sweatproof Earbuds for Gym Running Workout 8 Hour Battery Noise Cancelling Headsets Senso Black/Red
BlueAnt – Pump 2 HD Bluetooth Sportbuds BlueAnt – Pump 2 HD Bluetooth Sportbuds, Military Grade, Rugged Design and Premium Audio Components (Black) BlueAnt Black
Swimbuds SPORT Waterproof Headphones Swimbuds SPORT Waterproof Headphones - See below under "Special Offers and Product Promotions" for discounts on this Headphone Swimbuds White
AYL Bluetooth Headphones V4.1 AYL Bluetooth Headphones V4.1 Wireless Sport Stereo In-Ear Noise Cancelling Sweatproof Headset with APT-X/Mic for Smartphones AYL Bluetooth Headphones
Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones - Blue Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones - Blue Plantronics Blue

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#7 AYL Bluetooth Headphones V4.1 | Best Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones

Best Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones

The AYL is the Best Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones which provides the better comfortability which fits well into your ear. The headphones without this quality are bad, and we can continuously fall off, and it goes on losing its sound quality as well. We cn easily connect the smartphone and AYL earbud, and anyone can easily connect them. It also possesses the good quality of the sound to have the best experience ever.

Enjoy the pleasant and colorful music with the help of these headphones which are very useful under water. We connect to the AYL earbud by just searching for the ‘Bluetooth Device’ on your mobile, and you connect to the earbud even without pairing. It is available for around 200 dollars with low price and excellent user satisfaction.

#6 Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones

Best Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones

Plantronics is a perfect waterproof Bluetooth headphone for the people who would like to combine the effectiveness with the lightweight. It is very light, and it fits into the ears as well and produces the rare sound quality. And as well as it has the good battery life that powers your device for a considerable amount of time. But the drawback is that the control buttons are tiny, and it causes the wrong button until you use it. And the Plantronics has the long distance connectivity with the Bluetooth device, and hence we can easily move around 40 to 50 feet without any disconnection from your mobile phones. As well as its powers easily and notifies the battery level and announces when it pairs with your mobile.


  • It has the IP57 waterproof rating.
  • And it lasts for eight hours for wireless listening time per charge, and it is upto 14 days of standby time.
  • It has the on-ear controls for calls and music.
  • The smartphone armband which is micro USB charging cable.


  • There is no noise cancelling
  • It has small control buttons

#5  Hussar Magicbuds Rainproof Bluetooth Headphones Zippered Case

Best Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones

It is the low price and it Best Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones which is currently the best seller on Amazon. Hussar Magicbuds Rainproof Bluetooth has the exciting features which give a complete style like other headphones coupled with decent design, music play with a great volume, long-lasting battery, and as well as it can withstand water. These headphones allow the Bluetooth connection for multiple devices easily. And there is an inbuilt microphone which has the best noise cancelling feature which completely allows having more fun with music. They look great in the ear, and it is light compared to some other wireless headphones.


  • It has the premium soft, smooth silicone gel surface which helps in the sweat proof.
  • And it has the good noise reduction with CVC 6.0 technology.
  • It Comes with a zippered case.
  • And it has the IPX4 sweat proof
  • The Bluetooth 4.1 headphones connect the devices upto 33 feet away.


  • And it has the les battery life of seven hours.
  • Some people can not use because it depends on the size of the individual.

 #4  SENSO Wireless Sports Earphones with Mic Waterproof – IPX7 Rating

Best Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones

The SENSO Wireless Sports Earphones is cool, and it stays well for more number of hours. And the sound quality is rocking with high-quality music and it good at pairing the devices with your smartphones without any difficulties. SENSO Wireless Sports Earphones have a good warranty, and the buyers have the good confidence in this product. Having the noise cancellation feature it fits well into the ears, and the sound from these headphones is excellent, and we can enjoy the music pleasantly.

#3 TREBLAB XR500 Watertight Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds w/ Mic

Best Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones

The TREBLAB XR500 is Best Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones which guarantees the good sound quality and fits the array of buds into your ears as well. The tree lab Bluetooth headphone is smooth and not as much as heavy. It has the buttons that are easy to use and prompt to every command. Pairing these devices is not that much fast, and the earbuds might be a problem for the runners, and they may not found the perfect bud in their ear. Overall the tree lab is an excellent piece of perfect features.

#2 Blueant Pump

Best Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones

The Blueant pump wireless headphones are compatible with the iPhone and as well as iPod. These waterproof Bluetooth headphones are the Best Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones offers the great wireless and crystal clear radio. And the headphones have an IP67 rating, and it has a high degree of resistance to dust and water. These headphones have an excellent rating and can be used at any time and any place without any hassle. Blueant is perfectly designed to resist and endure the massive exposure without affecting any sound quality and as well as the other audio components. And these headphones have the excellent rugged design which protects the audio components from dust, debris, water, etc. It allows moving with the freedom and intensity and is made possible by reinforcement of Teflon coating and Kevlar shielding.

And the battery life lasts for two hours when it is fully charged. The blueant pump is easy to listen to music, and there is no need of worrying if you stop the music in the middle. Apart from the waterproof, these headphones have the strong impact resistance as well. The design of the headphones is over-ear style, and the in-ear support offers a comfortable and secure for every user.

#1 Swimbuds SPORT Waterproof Headphones

Best Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones

Try the Swimbuds SPORT Waterproof Headphones if you are looking for the best pair of headphones which immerse the activities without worrying about any of the interruptions. And this pair of headphones offers the clear and brief sound playback. It offers four different styles to choose which perfectly fits the personality. These earphones are perfect for biking and running since it is designed ergonomically with a great comfort. They are made especially for the swimmers because it has the best water seal. It fits almost all the ears, and it is one of the Best Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones in 2018. The rugged construction has a significant investment, and it includes stronger cords, improved design with excellent audio fidelity with one year warranty. And it features the third generation Hydrobeat TM sound.

It is known for the original short cord headphones, and the manufacturer retains the original short cord of 40 cm long, and there is no doubt about the waterproof quality because it receives the whooping IPX8 rating. And as well as it includes the earbud tip system.

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