Blueridge BR-160 | Acoustic Guitar Review (2018)

One of the guitars inspired from the pre-war era is Blueridge Guitars BR-160. It attempts to impress upon the shape, style, look, and feel, to give an ancient look. It succeeds in various directions.

Blueridge Guitars BR-160 Review (2018)

Blueridge Guitars


Gotoh has prepared these Blueridge Guitars BR-160 tuning equipment. They are open-back, have butterbean buttons, and a 14:1 ratio for tuning precision. They have use an aged toner to try and capture the look of an older instrument. So the instrument is with the natural high gloss finish.

Further, the guitar has mother of Pearl diamond and snowflake fretboard inlays. In addition, they have used the mother of pearl on the headstock inlays. It is to decorate the rosewood overlay. The headstock may be a little over the top, but it does have a charm, certainly.

The BR-160 guitar is available in a left-handed variant at a little higher price. Guitar does not include a case in the price of the guitar. Hence you have to purchase it separately. However, there are frequent grievances that the wrapping of the guitar is less than ideal.

So, it is always better to purchase a case when you go to purchase this BR-160 guitar. Hence, when you are buying BR-160 online, do not forget to get it shipped inside its new case.

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Blueridge Guitars

The Blueridge Guitars BR-160 is a pre-war antique reformation with many throwbacks to the 30’s. Certainly, they have maintained the Dalmatian tortoise elegance pickguard and the open gear tuners. Guitar contains a solid Sitka dapper top with hand-carved parabolic top braces in the pre-war forward X-pattern.

Except for the Front, the back and sides are finished with solid Indian rosewood. The rosette is a conventional multi-ply ABS inlay. White ABS binding mounts both the front portion and backside of the body.

Herringbone decorative edge accents the top bind. A zigzag inlay covers the middle of the back of the body. The instrument length is 650mm (25.6”). The slender mahogany neckline has an East Indian rosewood fingerboard.

Dovetail neck joint ascribes the neck to the build. It has totally 20 frets out of which Fourteen have clear access. The neck has a tether rod to keep it conventional and accurate. It has a bone nut with a width of 43mm (1-11/16”). Maple bridge plate assists the Indian rosewood bridge. The saddle is made of bone.


Blueridge Guitars

Blueridge BR-160 is a vintage style guitar, which doesn’t only reflect its aesthetics. The combination of solid Sitka spruce top and Indian rosewood body springs off a very sweet, smooth sound which is full of that vintage warmth. The guitar offers a great pleasure to listen to. Obviously, this soft nature is most apparent when you start fingerpicking.

Notes sound very good and clear, while the dreadnought body guarantee there is sufficient volume and projection. Overall, the sound of the Blueridge BR-160 is somewhat precise but sophisticated enough to influence even the most conventional players out there.


All the antique traces support to produce the Blueridge Guitars BR-160 a campfire scene in one’s mind. It does have a full tone that is attractive and well-balanced. There is sufficient brilliance to give the guitar an energetic bounce, while the lows are strong enough to hold down the bass.

The tone of the BR-160 makes one think of cowboys and campfires on the open range. The neck appears small, and it would be good for those with smaller hands. The finish is nice and does not get in the way of playability.

As they are going for a vintage look and feel, but this acoustic guitar could do without the open back tuning machine. And the aged toner in the finish. By all means, keep the butter bean buttons for the nostalgic value, but a closed back tuner is so much more durable. The aging effect if not done right can look like a bad bottle tan.

  • Very balanced tone.
  • Soli Wood Build
  • Pre-war look and sound.
  • Top nostalgia options.
  • The case does not default on the guitar.

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