Breedlove Pursuit Concert Ebony Review (2018)

Breedlove Guitar: Breedlove brings the innovation to the acoustic guitars that interpret well with the Pursuit Concert Ebony. This Breedlove Guitar draws attention with the lovely Java ebony along with the delightful tone of its voice.


Breedlove Guitar

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Breedlove Guitar – Pursuit Concert Ebony Review


Breedlove’s Pursuit Concert Ebony is an acoustic-electric model comes with a soft cutaway. This Breedlove Guitar has a compact Engelmann dapper top with laminate stripe Java ebony back and sides. On the top, there is black binding and back with the possible combinations of white/black/white/black purfling on the top. The scale length is 648mm.

The thin mahogany neckline is bolted on, and it has a single action truss rod that is reachable through the soundhole. The fingerboard is with center dot inlays has 20 frets and with rosewood. To match the body black binding runs along the neck. The bone has a nut width of 42.9mm.

With the Breedlove “B” on them, Chrome die-cast enclose tuners have a 15:1 ratio. A truss system is there in the rosewood pin-less bridge, to support the bridge inside the body. Bone compensated tops the bridge. Abalone ring rosette surrounds the soundhole. The system also has two chrome strap buttons.

Breedlove Guitar


Breedlove uses a bolt-on neck system for a nice appeal which gives more control over the action. This is useful during a concert with the single action truss rod. In addition, it is simpler to substitute the neckline than a guitar using the conventional dovetail joint. The electronics for the Breedlove Guitar are Fishman’s Isys + USB preamp. This uses the Sonicore pickup. Bass and treble controls are there are along with a volume control. Further, there is a built-in tuner and a phase switch. To plug the guitar straight into a computer, there is a USB output.

For better tuning stability, and also to keep strings in line from the nut to the tuning machines the typical asymmetrical headstock is designed. The pin-less bridge is not only appropriate but removes the necessity to put holes through the top offering it more integrity. It also decreases the stress on the saddle as the strings need not change direction as harshly. About the strings, the guitar is strung with D’addario EXP16.

Breedlove’s bridge truss system decreases stiffness on the top. This lets for a slender top that can reverberate further. A Pursuit Concert is available in a left-handed model. However, the Ebony version does not come in a left-handed model. A gig bag comes as part of the price tag of the guitar.

Breedlove Guitar


The cedar and mahogany associates to offer this Breedlove Guitar an attractively warm and smooth tone. This is augmented very nicely through the ISYS system. This system offers sufficient adaptability for a guitar in this price range. Although the tone is so smooth, it won’t appeal nicely to strummers. Yet, it is perfect for traditional classical music and fingerstyle.


The body is very well well-adjusted. And it is with its concert size which it is not irresistible to those with lighter frames. The Java ebony looks implausible. And it offers each guitar an exceptional appearance. Less stress on the saddle makes string changes which adds benefit for the pin-less bridge.

The tone is smooth and pure which has a sweet appeal. This does not support any of the registers while offering each a decent existence. The dynamic range is very wide. It sounds decent when both played with a pick and fingerpicked. The Fishman preamp and pickup offer the tone very well making it a prodigious acoustic guitar to play in a group. The neckline is wide which finger pickers will increase in value.


  • Very balanced warm voice with a sweet character.
  • A pin-less bridge is both innovative and convenient.
  • Very playable neck with good action.
  • Electronics translate the natural voice very well.


  • Some of the innovations will ruffle the feathers of traditionalists.


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