Dean E09M Edge Review (2018) | Buyers Guide

Dean E09M Edge: Dean produces the best basses which are well known for its outstanding designs and as well as for its shape of the body. This is best suitable one for the entry level, and it offers the balanced price with good performance. This Dean is smooth and elegant and as well as very dynamic. And it has become one of the pleasant surprising guitars for this year. It is the best bass guitars which are very conservative and fits any personality. Dean E09M Edge is the best guitar compared to the guitars under 200 dollars which has a unique package. This tonewood Dean is a model which is considered as the best bass in the aspects of quality, price, etc.

Dean E09M Edge

Coming to the hardware it is usual, and the style bridge has four adjustable saddles. It is black, and there is a nice touch for the overall design of the bass. And in case of performance, the hardware is pretty, and it is reasonable to purchase. The satin finish makes the Edge to look stylish, and the neck is made of maple which is fast.

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Dean E09M Edge Review – Buyer’s Guide


It is a dedicated bass with good manufacturing with the general approach. This Dean E09M Edge is famous for its heavy metal guitars with a good approach. Dean E09M is a delightful wood finishing with elegant black hardware and as well as rosewood fretboard. This is an instrument which is light in weight, and it is easy to play. It has a solid neck with a thickness which is accessible. With this design, it brought a good segment in the bass market.

Dean E09M Edge


Now have a look at the amazing features of the Dean E09M Edge.

  • It has the solid basswood with an attached neck which is about 22 frets with a classic rosewood fretboard.
  • The length of the scale is 34 inches.
  • This Dean E09M is available for the 150 dollars.
  • As it is a passive bass the entire attack is based on the Dean passive soap bar with good volume controls.
  • It is the good guitar for the beginners with good output.
  • There are four dean tuners with white dot inlays on the fingerboard.


While playing this guitar, you feel hot and cool, and this edge is cool. This instrument is based on the frequencies with efficient brightness and mid-range punch. It is difficult with a single humbucker and as well as with the passive electronics. Most of the companies offer the budget-friendly guitars by delivering the real sound of passive electronics. It is easy to play the Dean E09M Edge with right features, and if you are a good musician, then you will understand the importance of the sound output.

Dean E09M Edge


  • Dean E09M Edge has a smooth sound which is adjustable with a various number of styles.
  • It is a classy design.
  • The organic sound output is produced by the Dean.


  • The main drawback is that it is hard to make it roar.


Dean E09M Edge is the best bang for the bass guitars. This could bring the good cost of production to maintain the good core performance. Apart from this, it is a best one for practicing for the people who want the inexpensive. It has good feedback.

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