Seagull Maritime SWS Rosewood SG Review (2017)

Seagull Guitars: Discovery of a nice hand-made acoustic guitar is a bit a tough job. Unless you are ready to spend a lot of money. If you want to buy a guitar which is a make from North America, many people lean towards them. Seagull guitars made some thoughtful shock rollers on the market when they first showed up. Their Maritime SWS SG is still one of the best acoustic guitars out there.

Seagull Guitars Maritime SWS Rosewood SG Review (2017)

Seagull Guitars

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The Maritime SWS Rosewood SG comes with a custom polished finish which gives the guitar a beautiful shine. The finish is bright and flexible letting the guitar to reverberate with as little restriction as possible, while still caring the wood from the elements. The guitar has a thinner nut width 1.72” width, than other similar guitars in Seagulls Solid Wood Series.

The others having a 1.8” nut width. Choices comprise of Quantum I electronics and TRIC. The top of the guitar has a composite curved top, which is a Seagull specific feature on all of their acoustics.

The top is more curled above the sound hole near the neckline to allow for superior physical honor with less wood to constrain the sound. Below the sound hole, the top is smooth to bounce more influence and projection. Seagull’s distinguishing pointed headstock has white binding, with the company name and logo.

Seagull claims that the tapering of the headstock styles the tuning steadier by having the strings spread the nut with a straighter line. Bounded chrome tuning brand machines are with the Seagull logo have a 14:1 ratio.


Seagull Guitars

Seagull’s Maritime SWS Rosewood SG is a dreadnought acoustic with a lengthy name. The SWS in the term refers to “Solid Wood Series.” To flinch off the top is excellent pressure preserve solid Sitka spruce. The usage of solid wood endures to the back and sides with rosewood.

Finishing of the cohesive set neck is with mahogany top and a rosewood fingerboard. There are 21 frets on the fingerboard that has a 16” radius. The nut has a width of 1.72” and is made of GraphTech’s TUSQ material. A double function truss rod keeps the action where you like it.

The bridge is rosewood with a saddle compensate, and make is of GraphTech TUSQ. A tortoise style pickguard protects the top from marauding picks. Herringbone design is used for both the rosette and the center line of the back of the guitar. The body is enclosed with black and white binding on the anterior and white binding on the back. The guitar has a 25.5” scale length.


Seagull Guitars

The sound is by far the best quality Seagull Maritime SWS SG has to offer. Many guitar players tell you that this guitar thumps way above its price range in terms of efficiency. You get a tone which is typically created in guitars almost double the price of this Seagull.

Highs are rich and crispy, while the low end just jumps in to fill the whole things up. Prognosis and volume are existing in abundance. You can easily take the Maritime SWS SG out and use it on stage. It is one of the greatest working musician’s acoustic Seagull Guitars out there when it derives to bang for the investment.


The sound of the Maritime SWS Rosewood SG is a nice crisp open sound. There is a decent equilibrium between the cords without any overwhelming. The energetic range is with great respect, yet this preserves this guitar gives a stunning experience in any acoustic state.

You can play this guitar with a pick, but the sound of this guitar, when played with a finger, is very magical. You can find always Seagull necks to be really nice. The slimmer nut width of the SWS Rosewood SG takes away from that touch. If you are a player with smaller hands you will appreciate that.

  • Large dynamic range.
  • Innovative design features
  • Tapered headstock and Compound curve top.
  • Balanced and open sound.
  • The case does not default at the price tag of the guitar.

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