Ibanez GSR205SM

Ibanez GSR205SM: It has a real authority to excel in the world of bass guitars. This is not an elite which provides the best models in all the aspects. It looks something which costs twice but it sounds good, and it is the perfect one for the other applications. Well, this is the beautiful bass which crafts with affordable Ibanez


Ibanez SR306EB 6-String Bass Review

Ibanez SR306EB 6-String Bass Review: Ibanez SR306EB 6-String Bass guitar is the best guitar which brings you the best guitar under 500 dollars. It is designed for the experienced players. Ibanez SR306EB 6-String Bass starts with the immaculately finished Mahogany body. The best features of the Ibanez SR306EB 6-String Bass includes the sturdy 5-piece Rosewood/ maple neck, Rosewood