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Taylor Guitars: Taylor’s 200 series has long signified an inexpensive entry into the company’s extensive range of instruments. However, this Taylor Guitar is constantly produced wonderful tones and playability. Guitars’ looks alone have constantly edged more towards the less glamorous yet simpler varieties.

Hence, Taylor has obviously taken has given the 200 series a bit of jiggle in order to boost their visual attractiveness. However, the spiking point is balancing the visual additions with the guitar’s complete value.

Taylor 214CE-N Review (2018) – Buy Online

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The 214CE-N is not a modest classical guitar. Taylor Guitar Grand Auditorium body shape is bit larger than a traditional body size. The fretboard has a 16” radius which deviates from a standard flat fretboard. The presence of dot inlays, a truss rod, and a cutaway body also fly in the face of custom. The neckline is also thinner than the normal 2” by 1/8”.

The Expression System 2 has three knobs to regulate the 2-band EQ and volume that are set on the upper bout near the neckline. The phase switch is placed inside the soundhole on the preamp board to help with feedback issues. The system is power-driven by a 9-volt battery with an LED to indicate battery life.

There are two chrome strap buttons one of them acts as the output for the ES-N system. No built-in tuner exists in the guitar. Guitar includes a hard bag with the price tag. at an additional cost left-handed model is also Available.

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The 214CE-N is Taylor Guitar nylon string category in conventional style guitars. It has a solid Sitka spruce top with Taylor’s own style bracing precisely planned for nylon strings models. sides and back are of Laminate rosewood. To match heel cover, both the top and back have White binding borders. The top is a finish in shine with a satin finish on the back, sides, and neck.

A scarf joint ascribes the tropical mahogany neckline to the body. It has a top with a 20 fret ebony fingerboard and also has 6mm dot inlays. Indian rosewood overlay is in the position headstock that also has a black truss rod cover.

The nickel tuners are exposed gear traditional style with pearloid buttons. TUSQ is cast for the nut as well as the saddle. The nut width is 48mm. The bridge is made of Indian rosewood. The rosette is a three-ring plastic inlay. The scale length is 648mm.

Taylor Guitar


214CE-N really sounds outstanding, Acoustically. The tone sits evenly in between the full depth as well as dynamics of a dreadnaught and the tighter. You can get a more noticeable punch from slighter bodied instruments. Its balance embodied and exactly a favorite body shape for an all-rounder. The low-end is gratifyingly posh when fingerpicked. Highs are positive and well-defined but lack a touch of harmonic density when you listen it closer.


The Taylor Guitar 214CE-N has a cheerful tone that is eloquent with sufficient percussion. If you string it back your bout it can become pleasant sounding. The features of the Taylor Guitar 214CE-N make it an instrument for the player experimenting in the classical style. Hence this is cozy for the players who are classical musicians.

This collection works well both in case of classical style or any another voice of experiments. The neckline of this acoustic guitar is not as extensive as those on classical guitars, so it will not sense as external to steel string players. The translations from the electronics produce nice acoustic sound. There are tone controls to adapt the sound to the room.

  • A good instrument for steel string players to transition to classical style instruments.
  • Bright tone with plenty of articulation and percussive snap.
  • The electronics translate the voice of the guitar very well.
  • Not a true classical guitar in the traditional sense.
  • No built-in tuner to go with the electronics.

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