Washburn C80S Review (2018) – Buyer’s Guide

Washburn Guitar: Certainly Washburn’s C80S is the guitar for you If at all you are looking to buy an entry-level classical guitar on the market. It pays reverence to the traditions that the classical Washburn Guitar has been built upon at a reasonable price.

Washburn Guitar

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Washburn Guitar C80S Review (2018)


With nice detailing, the gold tuners are done in the traditional open style. The tuners are steady so you need not keep the guitar in tune. The C80S comes strung with D’addario EJ46 ProArte Hard Tension strings. The strings are unacceptable, and it is better to replace them with a better playing experience.

Spanish luthiers inspire the design of the C80S and certainly, it shows. It works fine as a learner instrument or as a travel guitar in place of a more luxurious instrument. It gives a nice impression of very traditional so it works well in this capacity. The case is not a default along with the purchase of the guitar. Hence, You have to purchase it separately.

Washburn Guitar


To mention specifically, the Washburn Guitar C80S is an entry-level classical guitar. With quarter sawed scallop spruce bracing it has a solid cedar top. Laminate rosewood is the careful usage of the back and sides. The scale length is 650mm. A bound flat rosewood fingerboard is placed on the mahogany neck. The nut’s make is of Nubone by GraphTech. The nut width is 52mm. There are side dot markers, however, it keeps the tradition of the fingerboard marks. Totally there are 19 frets on the neckline, and it ascribes to the body at the 12th fret.

The guitar’s body has an adorable shape and decent comfort at its best. The body is a make of a solid cedar top presenting and inlaid rosette around the sound hole. Rosewood is the usage of the back and sides, covered around with an elegant clear finish. For better intonation, the rosewood bridge has a compensated saddle. Body binding is done is black and the rosette is mosaic. The binding is on the front and back of the instrument comes along with a white center line. Further, the heel cap is black. The guitar has a shine finish that shows off the wood grain.

Washburn Guitar


The instrument is preset for astounding right out of the box. The action is at an optimum level, neither too low nor high. However, the hardware abolishes any tuning problems. The wide fret and short neck is certainly a preference setup for fingerstyle playing. A typical classical guitar is a nice match for emulating your preferred tunes with ease. Its solid top, along with its other components, is of a caliber which rarely matches in this price range. This enables a smooth sound projection which pleases you for ages.


The usage of cedar and rosewood retains more to the traditional woods used on classical guitars. Many beginner level instruments prefer to save money by reinventing the traditional with diverse woods. The Washburn Guitar C80S captures the tone that one imagines from a tradition with no real wonders. It declares itself positively with a stable delivery. No domination is either at the bass or at the trebles.

A more luxurious acoustic guitar using solid rosewood is going to sound better, but the C80S does almost same at its price point. It is an easy instrument with a good neckline which will not prevent from learning by getting in the way.


  • Captures the sound of a classical at an entry-level price.
  • Comfortable body and neck.
  • Aesthetically more like a traditional classical than its competition.


  • Sells with poor strings installed.
  • Does not include a case.

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