Yamaha FG700S Review (2018)

Yamaha Guitar: As a beginner, if you are about to start playing guitar the Yamaha Guitar FG700S is a good instrument to initiate. It is better than its trivial price tag may lead you to trust. This Yamaha Guitar is an instrument that long-time players want to pick up to use when they want to carry the best.

Yamaha FG700S Review (2018)

Yamaha Guitar

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The enclosure contains Six die-cast chrome tuners (Yamaha’s TM29T) and with lubrication so that they will never wear out throughout the life of the guitar. The FG700S uses the “L” block to support the dovetail joint. “L” neckline block initially designed for Yamaha’s L guitar series offers superior neck steadiness.

Additionally, it permits quicker conveyance of the string trembling to the body. It has an oversize bridge that transmits the string trembling to the body better than a normal size one.

It is also carefully articulated to make sure that it does not interfere with the player’s playing hand. The instrument length is 650mm. The measurements of the body are upper bout 292mm, waist 268mm, lower bout 412mm.

And body length is 505mm, and body depth is 100mm at the upper bout to 118mm at the lower bout. It comes only in natural as a color choice. Along with the Yamaha Guitar, the case is not defaulted with the price tag of the guitar. You have to purchase it separately at the time buying the guitar. separately.


Yamaha Guitar

As a matter of fact, Yamaha’s FG700S is one of the most popular beginner guitars. Firstly it has a solid Sitka spruce top with non-scalloped X-bracing. The back and sides are laminate nato, which is part of the mahogany group.

Yamaha Guitar has black build binding on the top and back, with black-white-black purfling on the top. The black heel cap matches the binding. The neckline is nato with a low outline. The rosewood fingerboard has 20 frets and dot inlays.

Guitar has Rosewood overlay on the headstock. Further, it has the mother of pearl inlay with the firm name and badge. The nut width is 43mm. Nut ascribes to the body with a dovetail neck joint at the 14th fret. The bridge is rosewood. Nut and saddle are artificial bone made from plastic.

The guitar is finished with a thin gloss that is less than .25mm thick. The slenderness permits the wood of the guitar to reverberate. The top is protected from alternative with a tortoise-patterned pickguard. The rosette is a multi-ring of black and white.


Yamaha Guitar

The sound is bright with untidy lows, but overall the steadiness is decent between the strings with the treble having the most emphasis. It sounds great when played with a gentle touch.

It also likes the open chords the best. This is what beginner players generally the most. The sound gets better as a function of time because spruce tops get decent sound as the time goes by.


For a learners’ instrument, FG700S offers the nice experience which they like it most to practice. The solid top is nice, the mother of pearl inlay on the headstock is best at this price tag, and it solid tuning machines.

The result is a bit high, but it is easy to deal with. It is always a good idea to check your new acoustic guitar, and properly arranged by a professional before you take it home.

  • Very nice guitar for a small price.
  • Uses some of Yamaha’s high-end innovations.
  • Solid spruce top.
  • The action is high but easily fixable.
  • Case if not part of the price tag.

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